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We Are Giving Away 50-100 FREE Wrist Wraps As Part Of Our Promotional Launch - GET YOURS NOW!

Here's How It Works:


Let us know your email address (enter it below) and we will then send you an exlusive coupon code that will get you a 50% discount off the purchase price.


Buy the wrist wraps on using the 50% discount coupon using the purchase link that we provide in the email.


Await delivery from Amazon, and then leave an unbiased and honest product review. We genuinely want your honest feedback.


Email us at informing us that you have left a product review. Once we have verified that a review has been left we will then immediately reimburse you the remaining 50% of the purchase price.

IMPORTANT: It is essential that you have a PayPal account as this is the only method we are willing to use to reimburse you the 50%.

We invite you to take a look at our wrist wraps on - you will find larger photos of the wrist wraps along with more product details: Wrist Wraps Amazon Listing

Additional Information

1. You won't pay a penny for shipping! This item qualifies for free shipping under Amazon's rules.

2. We will add the email address you give below to our VIP free promotional list. Whenever we launch a new product we will contact you first with a similar promotional offer, meaning that you will always get our future products for FREE! (We do not pass your email on to 3rd parties! We hate spam. Any emails you recieve from us will be exclusively to promote heavily discounted or FREE products!)

3. We are only looking to give away out between 50 to 100 wrist wraps in this promotion, and this page will be pulled down when we hit that mark. So, if you are seeing this, then you are one of the lucky ones - we suggest you take advantage immediately! If you happen to get the 50% discount coupon and the coupon fails, then this is most likely that you got here too late and we've pulled the promotion. If this does happen, you can email us at, and we will confirm the situation, as it could potentially be a technical failer also.

4. If you are wondering why we have structured this promotion with a 50% discount and then a 50% monetary reimbursement, this is simply to safeguard our assets. You are literally risking nothing with this offer; at worse you get our wrist wraps at the 50% discount, which from our point of view at least covers some of the costs (not all!) - but that is not our objective. Our objective is to receive your honest feedback and we are willing to give away some free wrist wraps for this. So, you can have every bit of confidence that we will fulfill our obligation if you do the same :)